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January 11, Live at Café Martini, RTVNoord

On January 11 we played live on the Café Martini show at RTVNoord (the regional radio station). We have a nice experience again and with Eric Bats and the men from RTVNoord we had a good time. The songs "Back on the road" and "Hole in the sky" were played at 2/3 power because the performance space is the radio station studio and they can't handle our full power!

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The single "Hole in the sky" is live!

Back in the mid eighties it was already an important environmental subject: the ozone layer. If we do nothing about it, we’re all gonna die. Simple as that. With a mix of Stones and Motown, we sing about the essence of life.

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The album is live!!

Finally, the last stage has been reached!! After 2,5 years of (re)writing, (re)recording, mixing and mastering we are proud to present our album.

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