©  J.Rozema

If there's a place where they can go
Cause you hurt them so

Is it black or is it white.

Are we wrong or are you right

Just give me any reason,

Why you cause them such a pain.

Each and every season

First you talking pretty......and then you kicking back again.

All them killing down the homeland

Seems its necessary to destroy it all. 

Hey America, is there nothing i can do to change you'r mind
Is the prize they paid not high enough

Or do you thinking you are better than mankind

Its time to burry all the arms

Put all you're selfishness away.

So no one cant be harmed anymore

There are so many things that i just wanted to say.

And when you tell me, all those stories.

About a free and peaceful land.

Let me remind you my brother.

Don't let you'r head stuck in the sand. Ooooh.

There's no place where they can go.

Cause you hurt them so
In the dark or in the light.

So many people they have cried.