Dutch Blue

©  J.Rozema/I.Rozema 2003

There’s a woman walking down the road,
feels the pain, feels the cold.
Looking tired at the ground, dragging feet,
her heart so old.

Years ago, without a fight,
Men appeared in the early dawn
Husbands, children, everyone,
all the people dead or gone.

Blue is the colour to stop a war,
blue was the colour we waited for.
No one could expect it all,
the town we knew, it had to fall.

No air support, no help below, men were standing in a row

Guns were speaking for a while; then they were dead,
without a decent trial

She...... will cry, for her land, for a thousand years

and she..... looks down to the land with her pain and tears

and she.... says no, i see no reason here to die, 
i don’t want to say goodbye

she..... will try with the love
'cause there’s nothing more to......fight.

Walking through her promised land,
searching for a helping hand
Every day and every night,
see the pain and see no light
In the land of cheese and buttermilk,
you’ll have to know about the kills
The boys you send they couldn’t help,
they were only bait for someone else

We...... will cry, for the land, for a thousand years

and we..... look down to the land with the pain and tears